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Our subsidiary Flightweb offers complete Web Hosting and Web Site design for the aviation industry

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Contact us for information on our specialized web hosting solutions for resellers and web site developers.

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programmer.gif (10808 bytes) At Agapé Data Solutions, we create your web site from scratch. We start with careful planning and in-depth consultation to make sure that your vision becomes our vision from the very start. As we move forward with the design, we involve you in every step of the development. The result is a bold, highly developed, and instantly recognizable online presence.

Once the design ends the real test of a good web site begins. It must communicate with your audience to justify its existence. It must get your message across to all your viewers. We take special care to make every aspect of your site accessible to the broadest possible web audience. Yes, there are many cutting-edge applets and multimedia web sites in cyberspace. But what about the millions of web-capable computers that are not cutting edge technology? Or the vast number of people browsing on platforms that don't support the latest add-on? Or the large majority that simply won't want to waste time downloading a special software plug-in just to view your site? Why would you want to exclude potential clients from your site? At Agapé Data Solutions, we code your pages and create your graphics by hand to ensure that your message can reach everyone, no matter what particular hardware or software they may have.

The initial infatuation with the innovation of the web has worn off. Today's web viewer wants to get down to business. With the current bandwidth limitations on most users, every byte of data on your site must work to convey your idea as effectively as possible. Every Agapé Data Solutions-designed site insists on maximum speed, impact, legibility and ease of use. We color-optimize your graphics. We craft your code for easy updating. We register your site with the top search engines.

Our rates are simple, we have a flat rate of $50.00/hour for web site programming. There is no minimum and we never apply additional charges for scanning graphics, consultation fees or artwork development. Once we have determined the size and extent of your site, we will give you a firm price quote so you know exactly how much the project will cost in advance. We will never charge you more than quoted even if it takes longer to develop the agreed upon site. Once your site is online, additional site changes or updates can be made at anytime for the same basic rate.

We look forward to helping you put your business on the net.

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